I’m Meghan Emily Swarbrick. 
(But I’m hoping you will just think of me as Meg.)
There’s a lot of Meg’s with blogs isn’t there? Well, I’m hoping there’s room for one more.

I’m 22 years old. 
I grew up in a little village called Ansdell slotted in-between the two towns of ‘Lytham’ and ‘St Annes’ located JUST next to Blackpool in Lancashire, England. (JEEZ what a mouthful, they didn’t ask for your LIFE story Meg.)

I’ve just thought and- Wow. Slightly embarrassing to admit, but whilst I was preparing to write this ‘About Me’ section of my blog, I started getting nervous and almost felt pressured into making sure it came across the right way.

For example, when you have an interview of some kind and you practise in the mirror on how best to greet them…

‘Hi I’m Meg!’

‘Hey. *Points to self like a nob* Meg here!’

‘Hello there, I’m Meghan.’

‘Yes… it’s me, Meg, the person you’re going to hire today ;)’

‘Please I need the money…. Oh, yes sorry… I’m Meg : )’


How strange is that?
Worrying about how to come across in case people might not like you- BORING!

I’m honestly past caring (well obviously not Meg if you were even worrying about it in the first place.)
Well… I’m working on it, at least.

I’m just going to be myself from now on and do what makes me happy.

So I’ll be writing posts on anything I’m passionate about- that could be anything from what I’ve been doing recently, poems, short stories and advice, to topics like- theories of the universe.
They’ll also be my Photography tab which will, over time, be filled with lovely moments I’ve captured on camera.

Again, just like in an interview, the dreaded question of ‘And why should we hire you?’
Except lets change it to-

‘Why should you read/follow my blog?’

I’m not going to give an answer like some CLASSIC ‘look at me I’m ever-so-humble’ people and say ‘don’t feel like you HAVE to follow me or read my blog at all. I’m just here expressing myself for people who want to listen.’ –bore off pls.

YOU. Yes, you! Should read my blog because I’m hoping to make you smile or think (hence my blog name) or learn something new or just to feel positive about yourself or life in general. Maybe it’s from a poem you read that resonates with you and makes you smile. Maybe it’s from an interesting topic that you’ve been wondering about but never really understood that makes you think/ learn something new. And maybe it’s just from one of my silly stories, real or not that makes you laugh. I’m just hoping to entertain and make you and me happy.

So WELCOME to the Think Meg Blog. I do hope you’ll give me a follow on Bloglovin (you can also follow my other social medias if you want) and keep coming back for more posts, it would be much appreciated.

Have a great day.


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