Monday, May 9, 2016


Okay guys, picture Jon Snow(only GOT fans will get this reference).. now picture the complete opposite of him and that's who I am right now. I am optimistic, excited and… not dead. Well actually, that joke won't work anymore considering GOT's latest events buuuut anyways-

I just cannot wait for summer, even though it's basically upon us right now.

Summer months just overwhelm me with excitement. I'm full of energy and motivation when the weather is nice and bright.

Here in the UK we barely get to see a blue sky, therefore it's always a pleasure to see the sun popping out to say hello.

Now that we have finally started to enter these heavenly, warm breezy months I have plenty of great posts coming up, summer D.I.Y's, recipes, adventure stories, summer tips- when the sun is shining, my inspiration meter goes from 0-100 REAL QUICK.

If you can't tell already, I'm absolutely ecstatic for these upcoming months.

I will catch you all in my next post.

M ^.^ X


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