Thursday, July 2, 2015

Update On Me

Hey guys,

This is just going to be a post to update everyone on what i've been doing/ will be doing etc. 

First of all I GOT A PUPPY!!! I'll insert some picture of him at the bottom of this post but yeah, I just thought I'd let you all know that, I'm in love with him, he's a cavalier king charles spaniel and he's TINY! 

As for holidays, I have sooo many holiday breaks/ trips. 

-I am going to france at some point in July I think, to visit my great uncle's grave (he was the youngest british soldier in WW2) I will be making a post about this trip during/after and also a vlog that will be going up onto my new youtube channel. 

-I am then going to Ibiza for 4 days with one of my closest friends, so again there'll be a post/ vlog of that (I'M SO EXCITED!)

-Next I am headed to London to watch Seth Macfarlane (creator of family guy) sing sinatra songs at the BBC Proms, I'll be in London for a few days so obviously will be blogging and vlogging for everyone who's interested  :)

-Lastly, I am headed to Newquay, Cornwall for like 10 days, So I am SOOOO excited about that because I love it down there and you guys will love the vlog that I'm going to make, I'll take loads of pictures so you can see how great it is.

I recently went to see Frank Sinatra Jr singing all of his dads songs (yes, it is Frank Sinatra's real son) he was incredible. I could tell it was Franks son when he was talking, his voice isn't the same but I think that's great. He had such an incredible voice and I throughly enjoyed his amazing performance. 

So yeah, that's what's been happening/ going to happen.

I hope you have enjoyed reading and I'll insert some pictures below. 

Thank you so much for reading guys! 

M ^.^ X

(just to explain the pictures - 

-the first 6 are of my new puppy 'Barkley' he is perfect!!!

-the next 2 are of my hair, because it is SO long now and I thought I'd show you guys! (comment if you want me to do a post on how I got it to grow so long!) 

 -the one after that is a selfie of me before the Frank Sinatra Jr concert.

-after that is a picture of me sat on my new desk chair with my new tapestry in the back ground

-next is a picture of me holding a baby lamb at country fest a few weeks ago

-after that one is another selfie (ugh i know, sorry haha) but it's me with no make-up on and i've posted it to give myself confidence because I normally hate how I look without make up!

-the last one is little baby Barkley again! 





Lowenna Stephenson said...

Your hair is so long, so jealous oh my!!
P.s, your dog is so adorable!

Love your blog, followed!

Think Meg said...

Hey, I've only just seen this comment! Thank you so much, I've had some cut off now though </3. Haha. Aww, he is a lovely little dog :)! I'm gonna check your blog out right now!!! X

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