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Learning to DRIVE!

Hey guys,

Sorry it's been a few days but this post is going to be about learning to drive. If you're just getting started with lessons or about to take your test, this could be a good read for you! If you've already passed then it could be nice reminisce when you first started learning.

The hardest things I find about learning to drive

-Setting off:

This may not have been hard for a lot of you guys, but driving a manual car is not 'a piece of cake' you have to lift up for clutch VERY slowly whilst applying just the right about of pressure to your accelerator and it is bloody hard to not stall when you're first learning. Now don't be stressed out or nervous if this is happening to you, because it took me SO long to get to grips with getting it right nearly every time, and I do still stall! I promise it gets easier, the more you drive the easier it will get, honestly.

-Parallel Parking:

Now a lot of my friends find this easy however I always either end up too far away from the curb or going up the curb! Don't worry though because in time as long as you use your mirrors and go VERY slow!

^to be honest these are the hardest and I don't want to bore you with all the things I found hard, keep reading and I'll give you tips about how to make sure you pass first time!

Everything you need to do to pass your driving test!

-Practise your speeds.. OVER AND OVER!

This is essential to do as if you literally go 1mph over your limit they will fail you! so make sure when you're in a 30 zone, STAY at like 27-30mph, but make sure you don't go too slow like 20-25 because they will probably fail you for being too hesitant. Another good tip related to this is if you're driving on a 30mph road or higher and then you see a sign in the distance saying 20mph, make sure you are going 20 or just under as soon as you get to that sign, because if you're not down to 20pmh by the time you pass that sign... yup, you get a fail!!!

-Check Mirrors!

Guys, this is SO important, the examiner is going to be making sure you check your mirrors at all times. Make sure to check your interior mirror every 10-15 seconds, that seems like a really short time, but when you're driving it's honestly not, just keep looking up so the examiner knows you're being careful, and when you're about to turn into a road remember to check the interior mirror and then the exterior mirror for which ever way you are turning. Make sure you're making it obvious when you are checking as well. CHECK YOUR MIRRORS ALL THE TIME OK, often people forget to check when they're independent driving in their test or focusing on manoeuvres but c'mon guys it's only 45mins of your life!

-When doing manoeuvres GO VERY SLOW!

This is also extremely important, don't take forever doing them but when you are, go very slow because then you have more chance of getting it perfect and the examiner knows you're being sensible. Also go slow when turning corners, not really slow but you do not want to zoom around a corner! After your manoeuvre, if you know you've done it perfectly or if you think you've done it wrong, DON'T lose concentration, so remember to check everywhere before setting back off!

and last but not least...


When you are taking your test, the examiner could take you down some roads you've never practised or been around before so make sure to check for all road signs and speed limits etc. Especially look out for road markings, these are where people go wrong the most, you need to make sure you're in the right lane or else you will fail.

If you do all of these tips I've told you then I'm sure you'll pass with flying colours ^.^

Top 4 Tips for the Big Day

1. Eat a Banana (best thing for nerves before some form of test)

2. Remember it's only 45 minutes of your life that you need to drive perfectly so calm down, you'll be driving before it anyway most likely with your instructor so stay calm.

3. Be confident. Yes, most everyone is nervous on their test day and the examiner will know this, however if you show how nervous you are then he/she will not feel comfortable in the car.

4. Don't be on edge in the car. Don't sit forward with your shoulders hunched up, looking super tense. Try to relax, sit back and rest in the seat, this will show the examiner that you feel confident driving and in turn will make them feel safe.

Remember if you fail, don't think you're a terrible driver. The examiner will tell you why they've failed you and you can use this to pass the second time.

Last of all GOOD LUCK GUYS,

M ^.^


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Anonymous said...

It was really interessting reading. I stard to do, what we call in France "le code de la route". You have 40 questions about how you have to be on the road. Next year I will do my drive licence, when I'll have 18 :)

I just post my May’s favorites, you should have a look and tell me what you thinking about :)

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