Sunday, June 1, 2014

Division Lane

Hey Guys,

So, I'm going to re-live something sort of depressing to you guys right now, but it has a good-ish ending so don't worry, not all doom and gloom!

Near where I live there is this street called 'Division Lane' and it has the MOST beautiful houses ever, literally! here's an example..

So anyways, you get the idea.. This house is worth £875,000 which in dollars is $1,466,850 !!! Now like most of you, my parents have a mortgage, which essentially pretty much means they're in debt, now my dads a painter and decorator and my mum works part time as a senior administration assistant at an insurance company... yeah i know YAWN-boring! She HATES it, like literally cannot stand it, but she can't leave because on top of the mortgage obviously with having 3 children they have debts. I'm not trying to make anyone feel sorry for me or my family, I'm trying to get across that this is how most of us are living/ bound to live if we don't make a change!!

Think about it. How can life be enjoyed if we work in jobs we HATE, make pennies and get ourselves into debt. I just hate this way of life, it depresses me! We need to do something to make a change. I want the chance to get this kind of house for my parents, but in todays society it's just not gonna happen!! 

However, the small light at the end of this winding, gloomy tunnel is that, fortunately, things like 'division lane' motivate me to do greater things! Things that lead me to provide for my amazing family!

Do your best everyone and one day, hopefully, we'll all be neighbours somewhere like division lane!



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