Saturday, May 31, 2014

Finishing College

Hey guys,

So if you read my blog, you probably know that I started college again and if I'm being totally honest I f!£king HATE it. I literally do not know why, I guess I get anxiety from being around so many people that I just can't handle it. So I am leaving, luckily I'm leaving with half of my qualifications which in the UK still count as qualifications which is AWESOME! So yeah, I am clever though, deep down I know i'll be fine, I want to start my own business, so that will happen, I'm going to start really planning that after I officially leave college! So yeah guys, I need a job and I REALLY want to travel. Tell me your thoughts on travelling, I'd love to hear them and any tips about my future (no negative crap because 'realistic futures' are not what I want to be thinking about, I want motivational comments!) any post ideas or anything you wanna know or want me to write about PLEASE tell me, I'd love to get more followers and viewers, writing is my life so please help me indulge a little.

Love you guys!! (especially you Americans and Chinese/Japanese, LOVE you guys and everyone else of course)

M ^.^

this is a recent pic of me LOL.


Thursday, May 8, 2014

My New Car

Hey guys,

Just updating you, I've got my first ever car.. who's excited?! I'M EXCITED!

I'm so so so lucky as my grans treated me to it!

This is only a short post but i'll put some pics of my car on this post underneath!

Thanks for reading X (If you need any advice on your first car then I'd be happy to help and chat)



Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Hey Guys!

Sorry it's been so long since my last post! I know I said that I'd start uploading more but I am 18 and COMPLETELY unreliable and lazy with my blog at the moment, exams are coming up and I've been studying hard so please give me some sympathy, ha ha!

So it's Eurovision this saturday and WHOS EXCITED!? I absolutely LOVE listening to all of the different countries songs, it's one of my favourite nights of the year and therefore I'm really looking forward to it! (For those of you who don't know about Eurovision it's basically a big competition where LOTS of different countries in Europe all compete against each other by choosing someone/some people to sing amazing songs)

So today whilst I've been revising I've had the 'Eurovision 2014 Playlist' on youtube going on and I've been loving literally all of the songs!

My favourites so far are 'The Netherlands' song which is called 'Calm After The Storm' and It's by 'The Common Linnets' I love this song, It's quite eery/romantic with what I thought was a sort of Country Ballad song.

Another of my favourites is 'Icelands' song which is called 'No Prejudice' By 'P√∂llaponk' For me this was a really fun song with a really deep meaning to it. Not only is it catchy and fun but it's really sending a nice message to us all!

Of course though I'll be rooting for 'The United Kingdom' which I personally think has a great song this year called 'Children Of The Universe' by 'Molly' You should give it a listen because I'm sure after you've heard it a couple times you'll be hooked! (POWER TO THE PEOPLE) (you'll only get that if you listen to it, SO DO IT)

Okay guys, Those are my top 3 fave's for Eurovision, what are yours? I'd love to hear opinions! I do also love many others but it's late here and I can't bore you with details so yeah! I'll add pictures of these three acts so that you get a gist of whats happening.

Thank you so much for reading, love to all X

This is what the Eurovision event looks like on TV ^.^

These two are 'The Common Linnets' Singing for 'The Netherlands' ^.^

These crazy looking guys are Icelands 'Pollaponk' ^.^

This is the lovely 'Molly' singing for United Kingdom! Make sure to vote us if you like the song ^.^

This is the Eurovision's Logo this year! The event will be held in Denmark yay ^.^

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