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Update and My Brothers Wedding Part Four. (final instalment)

Hey Guys!

I am SO sorry it's been so long since my last post, like it's been literally months. I really do apologise. I've had so much on with college and other things that I will tell you about in future posts but for now I'm just going to finish my 'brothers wedding' story since I left you all hanging and if you're some amazing person who has only just started reading my blog then please, please, please read my other posts and hopefully you'll become a daily reader!

Ok here goes..

So to carry on from my last post, the church service had just finished and everyone formed a rather messy gathering towards the front entrance of the church. Me and Cassie were doing the usual that 17 year olds would be doing.. like.. making fun of guests and getting the scope on any good looking guys to keep our eyes on at the reception party.. but sadly... no! It was like fishing for sharks in a pond full of tadpoles, referring obviously to the boys! I'm joking, I'm not actually a shallow person, I'd date literally anyone that had an amazing sense of humour and a kind heart :) (CRINGE) but anyways, I always feel kind of intimidated at big social events, especially with family. I mean, I want to make a good impression and be polite as possible, but I also want to enjoy myself and let go/ party! So we do the classic boring activities like throw confetti and take pictures.. GOD the pictures. My worst nightmare to be stood in the freeing cold wind whilst EVERYONE from the church is staring at you and you're supposed to 'smile for the camera'... erm, no thanks, I think I'd rather go and die in a ditch please. To be honest I do love weddings, and I can't WAIT for mine, however it was just sooo cold. As the pictures came to a close everyone started setting off to get to the reception so we could all get hammered and party!! (Don't worry I don't actually ever use the word 'hammered' in real life) So as I have mentioned at the time I was 17 and so was Cassie and here in the UK the minimum drinking age is 18. This was a problem so my dad dropped me and Cassie off at my house as we decided we'd touch up on our make up and drink at mine before we get to the reception! We got to mine, raided the alcohol cabinet and drank Vodka, Jack Daniels and Coke. A little trick I like to do is get two glasses and two straws, I put plain Vodka in one cup and Coke in the other, I then take a sip of plain Vodka (eurghhh) and then straight after take a 'gulp' of Coke and I swear on my life the burn of the Vodka completely disappears, it's a miracle. So me and Cassie were very tipsy and ordered a taxi to take us to the hotel where the reception/wedding party was being held.... We arrived, and I already felt fuzzy! The room looked beautiful (I'll put pictures up at the end) and me and Cassie greeted my brother and new sister-in-law. It was such a great atmosphere and I absolutely revelled in it. Me and Cass took our seats on one of the long tables with our own little name tags! We ate posh food (not to my liking, I hateeee really posh food, why couldn't we have ordered Dominos I mean, C'mon guys :/) Anyhoo.. We ate our food and my AMAZING godmother Angela (another certain someone I admire) bought me and Cass alcoholic drinks from the bar, I got my usual Vodka and Coke and Cassie got a Bulmers or a Fosters or something like that anyway. After we'd eaten it was time for everyones speeches, I won't bore you guys with the immense details of the speeches but it was hilarious and sweet all at the same time. My dad messed up in his speech as he lost the paper he'd written his jokes on and pronounced his main joke wrong which led to NO-ONE laughing and him being very embarrassed... better luck next time Mark! So the speeches were over and three more Vodka and Cokes later it was time to move into the other room to relax and get drunk! Now I'd had LOADS of Vodka and Coke at home and Jack Daniels and since I'd had three at the meal I was by this time quite drunk! Me and Cass got our own table and honestly, most of the night is a blur. I do however remember the gory/fun details. Cassie kept wondering off to have a cigarette with my other brother, At the time I thought nothing of it as I was trying to not look like the creepy loser in the corner of the room sat alone. So with my new found alcohol fuelled confidence I decided to mingle... I know... Shy little Meghan off out in the big world of socialising!!! I can't remember the conversations I had with people I just remember I went round every table and pulled up a chair like I was part of the convo! I met some great people though, like some of my parents best friends Shelagh and Pete, they really understood my passion for writing and encouraged me to continue writing and told me to send them some of my work, this really made me feel amazing. I talked with my aunties husband Rob, who talked to me for.. I can't remember but it was AGES about computers, I was sooo intrigued and interested though, he also said I could have a summer apprenticeship for 2014, this was so nice, I'm not taking it because I'm just not ready and I'm too shy at the moment but it was so kind of him to offer. It was funny though because at some points I remember I was SO drunk that I was babbling/slurring a load of bullshit, like "I know everything about computers, I know how to put one together" and it was all crap, I know a lot about computers but not what I was letting on! Anyway, by this time it was dark and everyone was pretty drunk, which was great because at least I wasn't the weirdo drunk individual! The bar tender was SO hot and he kept flirting with me all night and it was really fun, however I found out later when I finally reconnected with Cassie that he was flirting with her all night too! Oh! So I was up dancing on the dance floor and being confident then as I went to pull my dress down I felt a tear...oh SHIT! I'd made a small hole right where my bum was, I literally had to carry my bad behind my ass for the rest of the night! I noticed this big bulky disgusting men around the party all night and hey just looked strange and dodgy, I later found out that they had drugs, like cocaine and they were trying to sell it among the guests... WHERE DID THESE PEOPLE COME FROM? What disgraceful human being invited these people? Anyways Me, Cassie, my sister-in-law and two brothers were the only ones left at 3am in the Morning and as my sister-in-law and brother retired to there hotel room, me, Cassie and my other brother came back to my house, where my parents were fast asleep. I went to go and cook a pizza (classic me) but literally whilst it was in the oven I fell asleep whilst watching it cook and luckily my oven must of automatically turned off after a long while because in the morning the pizza with TINY and PITCH BLACK BURNT! hahaha, whoops! Anyway the big news was, Cassie came into my front living room and announced to me that she'd hooked up with MY BROTHER! At first I was like omg what :O one of my best friends and my brother! But later I kinda accepted it. I didn't mind, it was just weird to come to grips with! But it was such an amazing night and I love her to pieces! So anyways, that was my brothers wedding!

I hope you enjoyed this story!

Keep checking out my blog!!!

Thank you so much guys!!!

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Anonymous said...

You're absolutely gorgeous on the pictures !

Meghan Swarbrick said...

I've only just seen this! Thank you so much!!! Xx

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