Sunday, April 6, 2014

I. Am. Scared!

Hey Guys,

This will be an honest post.

I. Am. Scared.

It's just the truth. I'm so so scared of the future and the world around me. Like I'm so so focused on becoming successful and before you think it's because I'm one of these annoying people who focuses on being rich and famous... NO, that's not it AT ALL! I know I'd do so much good if I was successful, I could help my family and then many other people in need. I know a lot of people have the same mindset as this but I just have this huge urge to become successful and well known. I know you have to work unbelievably hard to achieve your goals/dreams, but here's the things I DON'T KNOW HOW TO, like my passion is writing but I'm literally the most impatient person ever and I could just take a chance on a novel. I want to work really hard, but I don't know what to do, I need to figure out what steps to take, but it is extremely difficult at the moment for me. I know I'm only '18' but as I said before I am IMPATIENT! Also I want to travel the world to find myself and experience everything BUT with all these horrible stories coming out about murders and weird horrible strange dangerous people about, it scares me.. and I'm not even talking about the average rapist or murder. I've recently heard a story about a Cannibal from Japan and he murdered a girl, raped her and then cut her up into pieces and ate her.. thats not even the worst, he was in Paris at the time and got deported back to Japan after they found out he'd done this (there are pictures as well) and He was set free, he's still alive to this day, living free and he says he has urges to do it again all the time. This scares me, if there are people like this in the world and they are not being punished then what am I supposed to do? I know you have to take risks, I'm just a baby and I need to toughen up and take the correct steps to accomplish my dreams. I hope everyone reading this are going towards their dreams. NO dream is too big!! I love you all, keep pursuing your amazing dreams!! and Good luck!

Thanks so much for reading, Love Meg X (this is a picture of me smiling at you all for pursuing your dreams)


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