Saturday, November 15, 2014


Hey Guys,

Apologies for not posting recently, I have been so so busy with other things, but my blog will be my priority from now on! I will be doing a 'What I got for my birthday' post in the next up-coming few days, perhaps even, tomorrow?

I just thought I would share something nice with you all, basically I get many direct messages on twitter, asking me to 'promote' other people in my blog/twitter/instagram etc. and I never 'promote' anything I don't want to, so basically if some-one is nice, and genuinely takes the time to talk to me then chances are I might check out their stuff and promote them, (If i feel they should be talked about positively). I do not enjoy when I get dm's such as 'I know these messages are annoying but, will you tweet my link on your social media platforms? ;)X' .... I understand completely that MANY bloggers, you tubers, etc. want to grow their content as fast as they can, however when some one dm's me asking this and then I find out that I can't even reply because they've not followed me, that's when I get a little miffed off ^-.-^,

any way, the niceness I am about to share is an extremely talented boy called 'Luke Carey'. I was mentioned in a tweet by 'BlaccOutMedia' with a youtube link attached. I listened to the link, and this boy has incredible talent. Luke Carey sings in an almost Ed Sheeran-esk type style. Luke performed an original song 'Right frame of mind' and it honestly was very, very good!

I urge you all to go and check out Luke Carey, I will leave a link below!!

Thanks so much for reading guys,

M ^.^    <This is the amazing original song by Luke!   <This is Luke's own youtube channel!

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Hey Guys,

I wrote a blog post a few months ago about tips for preparing for your driving test and I completely forgot to give you an update on how that was going for me and well... I PASSED LAST WEEK! 

Now for the hard truth... It was my 3rd attempt but you know what they say, failure is the greatest lesson, and I have to say I completely agree! Although it would've been great to pass first time, I'm glad to took me three times, because I learnt that by trying my hardest constantly, I will start to achieve amazing things!

So yeah guys, I'm a fully legal driver and I've never felt better!!! Here's a couple pics from the BEST day! 

Thank you SO much for reading guys,

M ^.^ X

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Classic Cars

Hey Guys,

So, me and my family went to a 'classic car' type show with many refurbished classical cars and I couldn't get enough, there was so much variety, from VW campervans to the beautifully classic MGs and of course one of my all time favorites the Jaguar! It was such a great show and I thought I'd share a few of my favorite cars from the show! I think my all-in-all favorite was the MG!!

^.^ M x


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Outfit Of The Day/ Mamma Mia Review

Hey Guys,

Yet again, I've run out of time to do a long post, I do have some ideas for posts, just not got the time to do it right this minute. I'm just going to show you my outfit of the day and explain what I thought of Mamma Mia, I went to watch it recently and it was absolutely incredible, It was in a theater near me and I absolutely loved it, the cast were flawless, the songs were performed fantastically and I'd give it a 10/10 all round! You should all definitely go and watch it!!!

Pics will be posted below!

Thanks guys,

^.^ M x



Wednesday, September 3, 2014

My day yesterday

Hey Guys,

Turns out I can get the app 'blogger' on my phone so I can actually post a bit of a longer post tonight from my bed before going to sleep, since I'm going to be daily blogging, I thought I would show you my outfit of the day and my hair style, also just a couple random pictures of what I did today, hope you enjoy!!!

^.^ M x


A little something I often think about

Hey Guys,

Sorry I haven't had time to write a blog today so thought I'd share a quote with you that I often think about to myself, and which a lot of people should think about and then re-evaluate!

Tell me your thoughts on this quote down below,


^.^ M x


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Thor: The Dark World Review

Hey Guys,

Just a quick post today. I thought I'd do a small review of Thor: The Dark World since it's recently been added to sky on demand. I watched it the other day and had high expectations since the first Thor film was so good (well it was bound to be considering it was a Marvel Studios film) anyway, after watching Thor and the Avengers Assemble I was eager to find out what would happen in this next film and I was not disappointed, there was action, romance, comedy, sorrow and the classic Stan Lee cameo! I could go into lots of detail about my favorite parts of the film, however this is only a short review! All in all, I thought this film was extremely entertaining and I loved it! I always find myself feeling sorry for Loki, even though he is a some-what sly character and always suprising people with his evil ways, I can't help feeling for him in some way!

What are your views? I'd love to talk more about other peoples opinions of the film?

See you at my next post,

^.^ M x


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Battling Back To School Fears and Bullying

Hey Guys,

This is a post of me giving some quite personal advice. I thought that as it's the 1st of September, today would be the perfect day to post this.

I know that anxiety of going back to school is a really horrible thing to have, I like to refer to it as a demon, because it is. Many people like to over-look it and tell you to stop being childish or what not but honestly I want you all to know it is a real thing and it is awful.

I suffered so badly with school anxiety, honestly high school was a nightmare, don't get me wrong, I love education and I loved high school- friends-wise but seriously I had so many dark days and my parents would always say 'it always gets better, don't worry' but you know what? It never did.. I always ended up literally making myself throw up just so I didn't have to go in, but I'd lie to myself and say 'I just get ill a lot' and I'd keep making excuses when really I just had this fear of going to school!

I love learning and I love socializing (well I did most of the time) but for some reason the night before a school day I'd just get all stressed out and panicky and I would end up putting my fingers down my throat or searching on google 'how to make yourself sick' and the scariest part is that I never thought that there was anything wrong with me!

I just want to say that the only/best way to deal with these fears is to tell someone, if you can't talk to your parents or teachers then find a number online or go to your doctors and tell someone exactly how you're feeling, there are other options, there's homeschooling etc.

I struggled with this depression for all of high-school and sixth form! In my first year of sixth form, I actually had really morbid and dark days, I would lie in my bed at night and literally wonder why I was alive and would it be SO bad if I did something stupid... you get the jist..... but luckily I got myself out of the slump and one night I just went into my mums room and opened up, I burst out into tears and explained everything, I left sixth form and had a gap year before starting and honestly with having that time to just relax and work on MYSELF rather than HAVING to go somewhere every day hating myself and what I was doing!

Now I've realised that I have ambitions and dreams and that if I work hard enough then I can achieve them!

I've had my fair share of bullies in the past too, My eyes aren't like everyone else they're different, and people used that to make fun of my 'chink' was the main insult, people made rumours about how I'd had surgery to make my eyes 'beautiful' and it went wrong and now they're ugly! (that was when I was 14 aswell) all I can say about bullies is PLEASE do not take what they say too seriously, obviously you will be upset but think, if you focus on doing well in life then when you're happy and living your life perfectly.. they're probably deeply troubled and not living the life they wanted! I've heard SO many stories about people turned 40-50 years old and completely REGRETTING awful things they said when in high-school, they have to live with themselves so please don't get too down, I believe everyone was born with 2 sort of seeds inside them, one good and one bad, and through-out their lives they make choices on which one to grow and some choose the good, some the bad!

Remember to talk to some-one and if ANYONE needs any personal advice from me please either leave a comment underneath or e-mail me at and I'll be happy to help!

I hope this blog was useful and if you have any suggestions please just leave a comment :-)!

Thanks Everyone, Keep Shining!

^.^ M x

Friday, August 29, 2014

My new tumblr

Hey guys, so I've created a new tumblr as I wanted a new start and a big change, I'll be updating this blog and my tumblr every day with new posts and pictures! I hope you all like it, this is only a quick blog post so yeah! my new tumblr is... so all make sure to check it out and leave me a question!

^.^ M X

Thursday, August 28, 2014


Hey guys,

Sorry it's been so long since I've uploaded :(, how annoying! I will definitely be striving to post as much as possible, because I have so much to say and no-one really to say it to haha! Well quick update, I failed my driving test :'(, It was so perfect aswell, I just made one mistake, I didn't look both ways on ONE road, ahh well, onwards and upwards! It's re-booked for October so hopefully I'll pass then! I am hopefully going to be starting to make some videos and having a sort of Vlog, which you may or may not find interesting, I'll only do that when I'm ready and if people want me to though!

If anyone has any suggestions on any blog posts they'd like me to write about, etc then let me know and I'll get working on them!!

Thanks guys,

M ^.^ x

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Learning to DRIVE!

Hey guys,

Sorry it's been a few days but this post is going to be about learning to drive. If you're just getting started with lessons or about to take your test, this could be a good read for you! If you've already passed then it could be nice reminisce when you first started learning.

The hardest things I find about learning to drive

-Setting off:

This may not have been hard for a lot of you guys, but driving a manual car is not 'a piece of cake' you have to lift up for clutch VERY slowly whilst applying just the right about of pressure to your accelerator and it is bloody hard to not stall when you're first learning. Now don't be stressed out or nervous if this is happening to you, because it took me SO long to get to grips with getting it right nearly every time, and I do still stall! I promise it gets easier, the more you drive the easier it will get, honestly.

-Parallel Parking:

Now a lot of my friends find this easy however I always either end up too far away from the curb or going up the curb! Don't worry though because in time as long as you use your mirrors and go VERY slow!

^to be honest these are the hardest and I don't want to bore you with all the things I found hard, keep reading and I'll give you tips about how to make sure you pass first time!

Everything you need to do to pass your driving test!

-Practise your speeds.. OVER AND OVER!

This is essential to do as if you literally go 1mph over your limit they will fail you! so make sure when you're in a 30 zone, STAY at like 27-30mph, but make sure you don't go too slow like 20-25 because they will probably fail you for being too hesitant. Another good tip related to this is if you're driving on a 30mph road or higher and then you see a sign in the distance saying 20mph, make sure you are going 20 or just under as soon as you get to that sign, because if you're not down to 20pmh by the time you pass that sign... yup, you get a fail!!!

-Check Mirrors!

Guys, this is SO important, the examiner is going to be making sure you check your mirrors at all times. Make sure to check your interior mirror every 10-15 seconds, that seems like a really short time, but when you're driving it's honestly not, just keep looking up so the examiner knows you're being careful, and when you're about to turn into a road remember to check the interior mirror and then the exterior mirror for which ever way you are turning. Make sure you're making it obvious when you are checking as well. CHECK YOUR MIRRORS ALL THE TIME OK, often people forget to check when they're independent driving in their test or focusing on manoeuvres but c'mon guys it's only 45mins of your life!

-When doing manoeuvres GO VERY SLOW!

This is also extremely important, don't take forever doing them but when you are, go very slow because then you have more chance of getting it perfect and the examiner knows you're being sensible. Also go slow when turning corners, not really slow but you do not want to zoom around a corner! After your manoeuvre, if you know you've done it perfectly or if you think you've done it wrong, DON'T lose concentration, so remember to check everywhere before setting back off!

and last but not least...


When you are taking your test, the examiner could take you down some roads you've never practised or been around before so make sure to check for all road signs and speed limits etc. Especially look out for road markings, these are where people go wrong the most, you need to make sure you're in the right lane or else you will fail.

If you do all of these tips I've told you then I'm sure you'll pass with flying colours ^.^

Top 4 Tips for the Big Day

1. Eat a Banana (best thing for nerves before some form of test)

2. Remember it's only 45 minutes of your life that you need to drive perfectly so calm down, you'll be driving before it anyway most likely with your instructor so stay calm.

3. Be confident. Yes, most everyone is nervous on their test day and the examiner will know this, however if you show how nervous you are then he/she will not feel comfortable in the car.

4. Don't be on edge in the car. Don't sit forward with your shoulders hunched up, looking super tense. Try to relax, sit back and rest in the seat, this will show the examiner that you feel confident driving and in turn will make them feel safe.

Remember if you fail, don't think you're a terrible driver. The examiner will tell you why they've failed you and you can use this to pass the second time.

Last of all GOOD LUCK GUYS,

M ^.^


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Division Lane

Hey Guys,

So, I'm going to re-live something sort of depressing to you guys right now, but it has a good-ish ending so don't worry, not all doom and gloom!

Near where I live there is this street called 'Division Lane' and it has the MOST beautiful houses ever, literally! here's an example..

So anyways, you get the idea.. This house is worth £875,000 which in dollars is $1,466,850 !!! Now like most of you, my parents have a mortgage, which essentially pretty much means they're in debt, now my dads a painter and decorator and my mum works part time as a senior administration assistant at an insurance company... yeah i know YAWN-boring! She HATES it, like literally cannot stand it, but she can't leave because on top of the mortgage obviously with having 3 children they have debts. I'm not trying to make anyone feel sorry for me or my family, I'm trying to get across that this is how most of us are living/ bound to live if we don't make a change!!

Think about it. How can life be enjoyed if we work in jobs we HATE, make pennies and get ourselves into debt. I just hate this way of life, it depresses me! We need to do something to make a change. I want the chance to get this kind of house for my parents, but in todays society it's just not gonna happen!! 

However, the small light at the end of this winding, gloomy tunnel is that, fortunately, things like 'division lane' motivate me to do greater things! Things that lead me to provide for my amazing family!

Do your best everyone and one day, hopefully, we'll all be neighbours somewhere like division lane!



Saturday, May 31, 2014

Finishing College

Hey guys,

So if you read my blog, you probably know that I started college again and if I'm being totally honest I f!£king HATE it. I literally do not know why, I guess I get anxiety from being around so many people that I just can't handle it. So I am leaving, luckily I'm leaving with half of my qualifications which in the UK still count as qualifications which is AWESOME! So yeah, I am clever though, deep down I know i'll be fine, I want to start my own business, so that will happen, I'm going to start really planning that after I officially leave college! So yeah guys, I need a job and I REALLY want to travel. Tell me your thoughts on travelling, I'd love to hear them and any tips about my future (no negative crap because 'realistic futures' are not what I want to be thinking about, I want motivational comments!) any post ideas or anything you wanna know or want me to write about PLEASE tell me, I'd love to get more followers and viewers, writing is my life so please help me indulge a little.

Love you guys!! (especially you Americans and Chinese/Japanese, LOVE you guys and everyone else of course)

M ^.^

this is a recent pic of me LOL.

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