Friday, September 13, 2013

Time Flies...

Hey guys,

This is a quick update from me saying SORRY! I'm sorry I haven't been posting recently.. well at all for such a long time, I know no-ones probably really that arsed because my blog sucks at the moment but please stay tuned, comment, like, share and even get in touch because it's always nice to chat to new people my e-mail is so please send me and e-mail or something!

The reason I haven't been blogging very much is I've just had so so much on, It was my brothers wedding (which I'll be making a post about.. maybe even later tonight) then I went to Austria on a family vacation WOOO! (I'll also be making a post about this so stay tuned) Then like a few days after I came home I started college, now I dropped out of college last year after I turned 17 because silly me, I thought yeah I'm gonna be inspired by all the successful that dropped out of school and made there lives amazing! Unfortunately I'm just not a creatively motivated and pretty much went down hill.. so sometimes the choices we make aren't always the best! So yeah I'll be 18 on November the 5th (YEAH THATS RIGHT BITCHES BONFIRE NIGHT) and I'm at college with the year below, It's going pretty well I'll keep you updated with more posts on that in the future!

So yeah these are the distractions that have been keeping my from my beautiful online community!

Ok well thanks for reading guys and remember the like and comment with your opinions!!

M x

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