Friday, September 13, 2013

My Brothers Wedding- Part Two

I hope you are enjoying my take on my brothers wedding, if you're liking the story of this crazy event then please keep reading and if you're on my page for the first time then please go below and read part 1.

Ding Dong The Wedding Beckons

The big day came so quickly.. probably because I didn't get to sleep until 3:15AM !!
I woke up feeling crappy because of the lack of sleep I had had, but it was okay because it was my brothers wedding and nothing was going to put a downer of this day for me, It was 7:30am and I rushed downstaires to wish my almost new sister-in-law Ashleigh good luck, my dad was giving her a lift to the hair dressers to meet the bridesmaids.. I got asked to be a bridesmaid but turned down the offer as 1. I'd probably trip up or do some god awful stunt that would result in not only embarrassment for me but for my whole family and 2. because audiences make me nervous! So anyway I rushed downstairs and wished her luck, I'd of hugged her but I'm quite reserved and a very sarcastic person so that's really not a me thing to do.. unless I'm drunk in which case I become very affectionate! So yeah Ashleigh left and it was about 7:50 which gave me approximately 3 hours to get ready. This should be a breeze I thought... boy was I wrong? Firstly I decided to dye my hair, I needed to as I had roots the size of china.. i have long hair ok! and that was that, after I'd dyed my hair i got straight into the shower to wash off any excess hair dye and remove it from my fore-head and neck.. i can never manage to keep hair dye clean and away form my skin! I applied my fake-tan and did my eyelashes make-up etc. etc. you get the picture.. but then... DING DONG! holy shit I'd completely forgotten, Cassie (an old school friend of mine) was to attend my brothers wedding as I needed a plus one!
So in walks Cassie, she waltzes into my room by this time it's 10:20am and the wedding starts at 11am, Cassie was literally in slacks, she had no make-up on and had a bulging bag over her shoulder, she greeted me with a huge grin looking rather excited! "Cassie the wedding starts in like 40 minutes and we're setting off for the church in about 25 minutes, get ready!!!" I ordered. 

She looked worried but proceeded to get herself ready, I wish I could be as laid back as her, just pacing herself to get ready whilst I was running around like a headless chicken. Cassie then decided she didn't want to wear the dress she'd arrived with in her bag so voluntary decided to rummage through my wardrobe to find herself a dress.. she picked one.. one of the best dresses I own may I just add! She did however look beautiful in this dress. We were now ready! ready for the ceremony, it was 10:50am but trust me that's early for us, we're always late even for our own events..

to find out what happened next please read my next post.. 

Thanks for reading, 

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