Friday, September 13, 2013

My Brothers Wedding- Part One

well well well.. It's that time again everyone! If you have no idea what i'm talking about then let me elaborate,
that time when we have to reminisce past memories that we really rather wouldn't, although I love my brother and his bride very much and although it was a lovely wedding and a beautiful ceremony, some of the events that happened that day/night will haunt me forever..

Lets start at the beginning shall we,
The night before the wedding
It twas the night before the wedding and all was.. HECTIC, seriously my house was busier than a topshop store would be if they were giving away clothes for free! My mum was rushing around trying to find my brothers hat, when I say hat I mean his army hat, he was getting married in special army gear as he is in the military! My dad was getting more and more frustrated as he couldn't find his wine.. It probably made it worse that me and my sister-in-law-to-be had been guzzling it secretly in my room! Then there was my brother who was supposed to be at his friends house as it's tradition for the bride and groom to sleep in separate accommodation so that they won't see each other the say of the wedding! Ashleigh the bride-to-be was stressing about last minute things like if the cake was going to be transported safely to the reception or if there would be enough champagne for the guests or if the guests would even show up for that matter!!! I was worrying about the most important things obviously like if I would have enough time to dye my hair in the early morning or if I should fake tan then or in the morning! Finally at around half 11pm at night everyone was a bit more calm and ready to settle down and relax for the night but NO my ever-so-smart brother announced right at the last minute before he left for his friends house that he'd promised the minister that he would print out 30 leaflets of the two hymns that would be sung in the church, he then told me and his bride-to-be that we would have to quickly do them on my laptop and print them out so they would be ready for the morning! Me and Ashleigh couldn't believe it but we couldn't ignore it either so whilst he swanned off willy-nilly without a care in the world to his friends house, me and ashleigh trudged upstairs and started copy and pasting the hymns to a nice leaflet template in Microsoft word, we started printing the 30 leaflets off and sat on my bed to reminisce about memories and laugh at all the things her and jake (my brother) had been through in the past 3 years they'd been together, we did this over nice mugs of rosé wine, we had mugs as we couldn't find the wine glasses! Only 7 of the leaflets had printed when the printer had come to a stop, we spent about 2 hours trying to fix it until we realized it had run out of bloody ink! Bad news was we had no more ink cartridges left, brilliant! It was now just about to turn 3am and we hadn't made any progress whats so ever, my father encouraged us to give up and get some sleep because the minister would have the hymns in the church already and it wouldn't be any bother. So we decided to go to sleep.. I guess I was just going to have to do my fake tan in the morning then!

to read more about the wedding go to my next post -My Brothers Wedding- Part Two-

Thanks for reading..

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