Friday, September 13, 2013

My Brothers Wedding - Part Three

Sorry this story is so long guys, if you go on my page a lot then you know my passion is writing so please, read on!

Hey Baby I Think I Wanna Marry You...literally though marry me

We are in the car, me, mum, dad, my other older brother Daniel and my long lost friend Cassie. I'm so excited that my brothers getting married but at the same time I'll be glad when the ceremonies over so then it will be done and they'll be no more stressing or worrying!
Ok so we pulled up outside the church and we all scrambled out of the car, trying to look as elegant as we could but completely failing immensely. There are people gathered outside of the church, It's funny because my exact thoughts at the time were "wow they all look like peacocks" for people reading this that have been to a wedding before you'll understand, the women just do not know when to quit I mean C'MON PEOPLE, the hair pieces that are worn to weddings just keep going more and more over the top, like seriously it's like there's some sort of secret competition between all the middle aged women like "who can pull off the biggest hair piece" seriously ladies you look like you've just come out of a zoo with the amount of absurd feathers sticking out of your hair! So we're all stood outside the church talking.. but god knows why because it's freezing and windy, the wedding was August 17th and for some of you reading this and thinking "That's one of the hottest months of the year its summer" you obviously haven't visited Britain because we are of course known for our perfect drizzly weather are we not? So anyways we see Ashleigh (the bride) arrive in a beautiful bently and we all just melt because when she does finally manage to carefully get our of the car with help from her very loving father, she looks absolutely magnificent, a vision of beauty! We all scramble into the church to take our seats and yeeeeah bitches thats right I get front row because I'm immediate family woooop! When I enter my row I see my brother at the front of the church waiting nervously although he tries to hide it, and for a split moment, there is no-one in the church but me and him, and in that moment I don't see the arrogant, cocky, annoying brother of mine, I see the strong and handsome man he has grown and matured into, and that's when I realized that my brother has grown up and he is no longer my stupid older brother but he is a man. Then the moment has gone and I'm back to reality. Everyone is told to stand and the music starts.. thats right everyone the classic music for a traditional wedding.. gangnam style! HA joking.. here comes the bride starts to chime through the organ and here not only comes the bride but come my beautiful new almost sister-in-law, she enters with grace and elegance clutching her fathers arm, in front of her, the people she has grown up with and shared her most sacred memories with, her best friends, the bridesmaids! The glow of the bride fills the room and everyone is sent into slow sighs, sighs of how proud everyone must be of her! Her and my brother lock eyes and the electricity in the room is obvious! God must be uniting my brother and his fiáncé today because the feeling of love in the church is definitely here!
The ceremony went perfectly I won't go into to much detail because writing down every detail might bore some of you, there was one however amusing moment when the hymns began because my uncle's vocals behind me were louder than a baby crying, I used the "baby-crying" example because he quite literally sounded like a whining baby! But YAY my brother and Ashleigh are married and I have a new sister! Things were going just perfectly.. but if you want to find out where things went wrong please continue reading my next post! Thanks guyssss!!!

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