Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Hallo

This post is a hello and welcome to any amazing person who maybe reading this. I've stated you're amazing because you must have come onto MY blog to read this, so yeah that automatically makes you a pretty awesome person. I'm British so I probably shouldn't be using the word 'awesome' but who cares? not me!
By reading what I've written so far I imagine you probably think I'm some annoying obnoxious teen who has created a little blog to moan or gloat about my life.. well if you were thinking that then STOP, I may type a tad immaturely and seem annoying but really I'm one of these people that has SO much to tell but no-one to talk to, so I've created this blog to explain what I'm thinking, hence the name 'think meg' I'll be doing all sorts, I'm not really a specific topic kinda girl, oh yeah I'm a girl if I didn't already explain that before, but as I was saying I like to indulge in all-kinds of subjects, recent news stories, reviews on products, discussing celebrities, different cultures, travel, etc. its going to be crazy so if you have any thoughts or opinions about what I say please discuss and this blog could be a really positive thing for not only me but many of you. I may be able to help you, give some sort of advice, seriously I'm good with helping people and I enjoy it so yeah. See you all around!

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