Sunday, August 11, 2013

Always Pursue What You Love Most

See the thing is, when I was 16 and finished high school I was so excited to start college, it would be at the same school, but better, I was really looking forward to it, unfortunately when I started it was nothing how I'd imagined, I got sooo depressed and I was literally trying to make myself ill so I wouldn't have to go, I had so much homework but on top of that things were really bad at home with family, we had so many deaths in the family and then we just kept getting in to more debt and I don't know but something changed in me, It's like the exact moment I matured and thought to myself, well actually life isn't about having so much fun and going to college and uni and making my life exciting and perfect, I thought it's about working extremely hard and being able to supply enough money to pay your bills, mortgage and any debts you may have, It's about never stopping until you're secure, well I think that's what made me depressed you know? The fact everything bad in mine and my families life was dawning on me, it was so hard to come to terms with and very unfortunately I became so ill and so upset that I dropped out of college in the middle of November and at the time I thought of it as a positive thing, I thought I'd have 50% less stress, I could help out around the house and get a job to get extra money in... It didn't quite turn out that way but I still think of it as a positive thing, I feel like I've been on some journey and now I have found out more about myself, From being independent I have found so many new things about myself. I know I'm going to be a writer for 1 point, It's my absolute passion and even if people doubted me I wouldn't care because I love doing it and you should always pursue what you love most! So now I'm starting college again, I'm hopefully going to get some good A-Levels and go on to University then I'll go on to pursuing my dreams!! I'm so nervous for college but that doesn't matter because even if you're afraid, you should never give up on what you want to do! Thanks for reading guys I didn't realize this was going to be such a monster post!! Thanks for reading a little of my story, keep checking out my blog for more!!! X

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