Thursday, August 8, 2013

Add a little class

Hey guys, this is yet another appreciation post, this time towards music, where would we be without music? I'd like to give an amazing shout out to classic music, la vie en rose by louis armstrong, who can beat the classics, the elegant string of instruments that go into all the music we love, frank sinatra, nat king cole, these were and still are legends for making the most beautiful music on this planet, we should really appreciate these people and the history of the things we love. I can imagine nothing better than to relax and listen to the beautiful, calming, low, vibrant tones that come from frank sinatra or the deep, soulful, rustic class that comes from louis armstrong and nat king cole, I get butterflies imagining and picturing how beautiful it would be at a young lovers or long lost lovers wedding, dancing in the night to "when I fall in love" or "la vie en rose" or many, many more, I imagine them getting lost in each other, dancing endlessly, falling in love, that is to me the perfect description of these artists and this genre of music, it's music like this that you fall in love with, the lyrics, the tone, everything about it makes you feel content. Sorry I've been rambling nonsense, that's what happens when your dream is to be a writer, you can't stop creating scenarios and different situations! Thanks for reading guys -^.^-

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